Who are the people behind Telling Their Stories?

Telling Their Stories is collaborative effort between The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and National Press Photographers Association members in Regions 6 and 8, which encompasses the coast states from Florida to Texas.  The project was created by Ted Jackson, Kevin Martin and Smiley Pool.

Our current project sponsors are:
The Ogden Museum of Southern Art
Competitive Cameras
Houston Chronicle
The Dallas Morning News
New Orleans Times-Picayune
The Grand Victorian

Members of the organizing committee include:
› Kevin M. Cox, Galveston County Daily News
› Ted Jackson, The Times-Picayune
› Kevin Martin, The Advocate
› Denise McGill, University of South Carolina
› Jim Michalowski, Visual Journalist / Editor
› Melissa Phillip, Houston Chronicle
› Smiley Pool, Houston Chronicle
› Jessica Johns Pool, jjpeditorial.com
› Irwin Thompson, The Dallas Morning News

Project advisors include:
› Anita Baca,San Antonio Express News
› David Jack Browining, Houston Chronicle
› Alicia Wagner Calzada,NPPA Past-President
› Bob Carey, NPPA President
› Andrew Hayes
› Bob Malish, Canon

Why are we doing this?

The project was born from casual conversations among Gulf Coast photojournalists who share the common experience of both covering and living through the trials and dangers of the tropical disasters that regularly strike our own communities and those of our neighbors.

These photojournalists understand that even in an era of turmoil for the news media, the honor of being among those who make the first draft this history is a responsibly we all share and take very seriously.  No disaster in our collective memory better demonstrated the both need and impact of this sacred trust than the events of Hurricane Katrina.

Telling Their Stories is the result of these photojournalist’s desire to find purpose amidst the chaos. When people suffer, art reflectively finds a way to sift the meaning from the turmoil.

Our programs have been created to promote storytelling of a people and culture in the Crescent City in the years after Hurricane Katrina. Our educational workshop will encourage students to document and reveal the unbroken soul of the city in its people, places and landmarks through still photography and multi-media storytelling.

What are the dates of the exhibit?

Telling Their Stories opens with a reception the evening of August 19, 2010 at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. The 50 photographs chosen for the exhibit will remain on display at least one month, however the closing date has yet to be announced.

What are the dates of the program?

The exhibit will open with a reception on August 19.  Our student education workshops will be on August 20, 2010.  A program of panel discussions and presentations will take place on August 21, 2010.

Who should come?

Everybody!  We are hoping this event will foster and promote meaningful interaction and dialog between visual story tellers, their subjects and the general public at large.

Who benefits from any proceeds?

We are planning a print auction of exhibit photographs at the end of the show, with the proceeds to benefit the photographers in the schools program at The Ogden Museum

Who can submit photos for the exhibit?

Any professional photojournalist may enter photos for consideration in the exhibit, however we are particularly interested recognizing the work of photojournalists who both live and work on the Gulf Coast.

Does it cost anything to enter my pictures in the exhibit?

No. Entry  is free. To receive instructions on how to enter your photographs for  the exhibit visit our call for entries.

Are there any restrictions on when or where the photos were taken?

Photos may have been taken in any location affected by Hurricane Katrina, but since this exhibit coincides with the fifth anniversary of  the storm, the images must have been taken in 2005.

How do I submit my photos for the exhibit?

Visit our call for entries page for more information, or jump straight to our submission application form.

What is the deadline to submit photographs?

The deadline for submitting photos for consideration in the exhibit is July 7, 2010.

Who will jury the exhibit?

Entries will first be juried by a panel of photojournalism leaders during the National Press Photographers Association’s Convergence ‘10 in Charleston, SC, from July 8-10, 2010.  The final exhibit will be curated from the jury pool by David Houston, Chief Curator and Co-Director of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Exhibition printing will be provided by Canon.

How can I help out or sponsor the event?

This is a very grass roots effort being organized entirely by volunteers who are committed to photojournalism. We would appreciate any support you can offer.  We need volunteers to help with the program and the educational workshop.  We are seeking sponsors to help defray costs associated with this.  Please contact us with any offers of assistance or support.

Where will the youth educational workshop be held?

David Grunfeld of the New Orleans Times Picayne and Johnny Hanson of the Houston Chronicle are working with The Ogden Museum to coordinate a program for students on August 20, 2010.  The details have yet to be ironed out, but we will update our education webpage as more becomes available.

About The Project

When photographers converged on the convention center in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, a survivor cried out, "Thank God, the press is here.”

Her words expressed a sentiment that characterizes the storytelling and relationships between the people of the Gulf Coast and the media that developed in the months that followed.

On Thursday, August 19, a juried exhibit of Katrina imagery opened at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art coinciding with the 5-year anniversary of the disaster.

The exhibit, and a program of workshops and seminars explore the past, present and future of visual storytelling of Gulf Coast disasters.

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